East Calder Medical Practice

Appointment system

It is important to select the appointment type which is most appropriate for your needs. There are 5 different types: - 

These are the longest appointments (10 minutes) and are the usual type of appointment – the kind most people will need. They are designed for routine matters and can be booked with the Doctor of your choice.

A limited number of 10-minute appointments will be available within 2 days. These are for more urgent conditions, which need to be seen quickly

This is a short appointment with any available GP or Nurse Practitioner. Numbers are limited and these should only be used for urgent conditions which cannot wait. More complex, long standing problems cannot be addressed in these short appointments. A conventional appointment is needed in such situations.

This is a short, urgent, same day appointment with the Duty Doctor or Nurse Practitioner.

These are routine appointments offered outwith normal surgery hours. They aim to accommodate those patients who find it most difficult to attend during the normal working day because of work commitments